Eeriah's doodle blog of some sorts. Expect all kinds of sketches and wips related to my work. I draw pronz sometimes.
  • galanthusiae asked : { hi eeriah! i was wondering if you'd mind if i could possibly use your artwork in my rp blog theme? credit will most definitely be given but i wanted to ask first. }

    Yes, it’s alright! Thank you for asking <3

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  • unculturedegg asked : is it alright if i use your rwby pictures as a series of mix covers, with proper credit to you, of course!

    Oh, sure! ^^

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  • Anonymous asked : My god your art work is amazing. How did you learn how to draw such beautiful art.

    Thank you so much q v q

    Well, it was mostly self taught, but I also learnt a lot about anatomy at school/college.

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  • absurdaim asked : Dude, those shadow portraits of RWBY are incredible! Would you be cool with me using the the one with all four of them as my profile's header image? If not, that's cool :)


    Well, I suppose it’s okay as long as you keep a link somewhere to the original post? ^^

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  • +*+*+ Maids +*+*+

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  • W.I.T.C.H.

    Posting them all together for people who don’t want to share them seperatly < v < ;;;

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  • like-every-tree asked : I loved your Witch's draw so much. <3 So fucking beautiful.

    Thanks you so much q 7 q <333